Their is unfortunately no Muslims Halal Butcher in Cairns. The mosque buys chicken directly from the Mareeba Steegles Abattoir and so do the Muslim families.

Brisbane Muslim owned Halal butcher is used to send meat (chicken, beef, goat & specialty meats) from their to Cairns and the local brother's at the Friday prayer will be able to direct you as to what is available.

Meat bought from any other venue cannot be recommended by Mawlana Wasim Jappie due to the potential sources of contamination with other non-halal products and the absence of any Muslims working in these facilities to ensure the product is 100% halal e.g. Coles, Woolworth, other butcher shops etc.


1. Ali Baba Kebabs - Turkish Cuisine

2. Bagus Cafe - Indonesian Cuisine

NOTE: All restaurants need to be checked in person by an Alim